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June 7, 2021

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The reality of Monday morning has hit hard. Nick is flying home. Kids miss their parents. I miss my kids. I am sad to not be with Whitney for her birthday, I am grateful for all those that helped make it a special day for her.

Holland is hanging in there. She has made it thru another night. Her CT scans are every morning at 3:30 am. It is such a huge process for them to make the trip downstairs. It takes almost an hour for them to get everything ready to be mobile and keep her safe. We had been sleeping in the room, but last night was the first time we tried sleeping in the family guest house the hospital has. It was hard to sleep and not be with her. I slept better in the hospital room.

Holland is still in a coma, but she is moving a bit more when stimulated. She responds better on her left side - the night before last she moved her leg off the table during the CT scan, but then threw her leg back up on the table by herself. They decided they should sedate her a bit going forward for the scans - this morning, her scan was uneventful, but the nurses and doctor were happy that some personality was showing in her. The scan shows her brain is less shifted from center now, her midline is almost back where it is supposed to be in center. Her brain stem is almost normal in it's shape and position. Her heart beat has assumed a normal pattern again. Her left arm is able to move enough that they have to keep the restraint pretty firm. If it gets loose, someone will feel it. She does not like being messed with! It is interesting and heartbreaking to see her body able to respond in limited ways, but for her to be unable to open her eyes. During a neuro exam today they tried to get her to blink and for just a small moment, her left eye did. Her right foot flexed during a later exam today, that is a first as well. The exams consist of the doctor or nurse pinching and pushing to try to get a response. Her right side is not really responsive; thankfully, her left side responds well.

I am grateful that Hunter and Alex have been able to be up here with us. I am glad to see that Hunter is healing and walking a bit better. This will take time for all of us.

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