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June 5, 2021

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

Nick and I both spent the night in the ICU with Holland. Hunter and Alex were allowed to stay as well, which was a tender mercy. They left late in the night to try to get Hunter home and hopefully more comfortable, he could barely walk. He is beat up inside and out. It is hard to see both of my children struggling so much. Holland's brain is still swelling, so much so that her brain stem is being squeezed. It begins to stress her heart. The doctor talks about possible surgery to remove part of her skull to allow her brain to swell without producing so much pressure.

I am having a hard time holding it together, it is much tougher than anything I have ever felt. About 1 o'clock or so, I begin to feel the peace for which I had been praying. I know we are strengthened by the prayers of faith and the love of so many who are including us in their thoughts, prayers and fasting. We are humbled to feel so much love.

About 4pm, the doctor decides not to wait any longer. She is in surgery. Things go as well as can be expected. Now we wait. The doctor says that even if there is no progress, but no deterioration in any way, that we will call it a win.

Her lung is inflating better. She has a tube in her side to relieve the air that had escaped. She is processing all of these changes and thankfully, her body is responding positively to the procedures. They placed the tube during the inital hours yesterday, it is a relief to know that her lung is recovering.

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